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Wrap your home in warmth from an Ecco stove

9th November 2016


The winter season has begun in earnest with the chilly nights and days. Winter isn’t all bad news, so long as you are cosy and warm at home. The glowing warmth of a stove is perfect for bringing good cheer to the home. Topstak, a family-run business with showrooms in the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouth (, stocks an extensive range of contemporary and traditional models in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit in with the space available in your home. One of these is the Ecco stove ®,that is designed to keep a whole warm thanks to the proven principle of slow heat release.

This supremely economical stove combines the benefits of a wood burner with the advantages of the slow release warmth and saves on the need for central heating. . The warmth generated from burning a single batch of logs gently spreads throughout the house. The stove is also low maintenance, easy to use, and is safer in the home due to its lower surface temperatures.

The Ecco stove is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, heating more of the home with less wood required per day than a traditional stove, making it extremely economical in terms of running costs.

The Ecco stove was recently installed in a large Welsh farmhouse. The stove was chosen to heat the spacious farmhouse kitchen, as well as allowing warmth to travel from the living area into the galleried hallway, the dining room, and upstairs to heat three of the six bedrooms – the total area to heat amounting to 240m².

However, this level of widespread heat was e achieved without overheating the room where the stove itself was located i.e. the kitchen. This is a big advantage compared to having an oversized metal stove.

The Ecco stove’s performance in fact exceeded expectations, ultimately heating the conservatory, plus all the bedrooms and corridors – a total of 330m² – 37% more than expected.

The client was so impressed with the Ecco Stove in the farmhouse they decided to install Ecco stove’s largest model – the Ecco Stove E850 – in the farm’s barn / workshop area too. The overall reduction in heating costs means that the stove will have paid for itself within three years.

To find out more about the Ecco stove, please look up who have an Ecco Stove working in their Cowbridge showroom.

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